Heart Problem Forces Gunst Into Retirement Far Too Soon.

Heart Problem Forces Gunst Into Retirement Far Too Soon.

Davy Gunst of An Post Chain Reaction has recently had to accept that, despite his talent, enduring spirit and love of the sport, he cannot continue to race.

In December of 2015, Davy had a training accident that resulted in him breaking his pelvis, spine and sacrum and it became apparent that his cardiac values were strange, especially while cycling. The abnormal variations in his heartbeat were not initially posing a danger to Davy but as time passed, the situation had gotten decidedly worse after a good winter of training during the winter of 2016-2017

Gunst returned to the pro peloton with renewed hope in 2017 and took the start line in the French season openers (Etoile de Besseges and Marseillaise) and continued on to Alentejo in Portugal. The Heart Rate issues became worse. It became apparent that Davy would need to immediately stop racing in order for a thorough medical examination to take place.

After weeks of examination, several arythmias were discovered. On three occasions, Davy underwent cardiac ablation in an attempt to salvage his cycling career and keep his dream of becoming a professional cyclist alive.

Disappointingly, during the ablation procedures, four separate cardiac issues were brought to light in four different cardiac locations. Ablation of all four locations was deemed impossible.

With deepest regret, Davy is now forced to accept that he must retire from our sport, 'it is still difficult to accept but my ambition does not end with cycling.' Davy has already committed to studying International Business and Management at Avans in Breda.


'Although my career as a racing cyclist is over, I will begin my new role as Sports Director at the junior Willebrord Wil Vooruit team. I will share my knowledge gained during my time with An Post Chain Reaction, Rabobank, SEG Racing and EFC Omega Pharma Quickstep, to help them to develop and progress to a higher level. My ultimate goal for the future is to become a Sports Director or Manager of a professional cycling team.'

'I would like to thank everybody for their vast and varied support throughout the years, the medical staff and Centre CENIT who tirelessly helped me, the teams I have been part of and most of all my familly & close friends.'

We will meet again soon, on and off the bike.

Davy Gunst
An Post Chain Reaction



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