Jacob Scott looks at the teams chances in Overijssel

Jacob Scott looks at the team's chances in Overijssel

As we enter the 65th Ronde van Overijssel Jacob Scott has been appointed as team leader by Kurt Bogaerts in a race he has experience in. Despite Jacob coming down with a cold recently during the week since the Tour de Bretagne, he will be present on the start line of the 199km race.

Jacob reports "This race consists of a lot of small and twisty roads that will contain some really crutial points for us. There are some very open parts with little shelter so it is vital that we remain at the front during these sections to avoid being caught out."

"The race finishes on a number of finish laps, however last year there was a good selection made before then, so lets see what this race brings and hopefully the condition is good."


An Post CRC Team line up:

1. Sean McKenna
2. Sean MacKinnon
3. Adam Jamieson
4. Conor Hennebry
5. Jacob Scott
6. Bas Tietema
7. Massimo Vanderaerden



Written on 25/04/2017 19:58by